We are specialized in the complete development of ultra-stable structures and precision mechanisms for the European space market.

Space Engineering

About the company

Almatech was founded in 2009 on the EPFL Innovation Park where innovation and entrepreneurship meet by Dr Luc Blecha and Hervé Cottard, 2 experienced engineers and managers.

Back then, the company started working on the Hydroptere, the fastest sailing boat on the planet with a record of 103km/h!

Almatech quickly picked up momentum on the space market by contributing to multiple ESA Science missions through the Prodex programme of Switzerland.

With a space heritage on 10+ ESA/CNES missions, Almatech is now working directly for all main European industrial leaders.

Thanks to its competences in engineering, the company is also active on several “non-space” markets where it provides accessible engineering services.

Lastly, Almatech has several patent-pending innovations under development with the ultimate goal to commercialize recurring products.