About us

The EPFL Spacecraft Team is a student association dedicated to training the next generation of space engineers by working on complex space projects. Our main objective is to gather academic and industry players around common projects to impact the space ecosystem and scientific research.

Team members

Our vision

The goal of the EPFL Spacecraft Team is to foster growth in the Swiss space industry by providing students with hands-on experience in tackling complex projects, thus creating a fast track to space for them.

Our mission

The EPFL Spacecraft Team is a student-led association focused on the CHESS mission and the development of CubeSat technology. They provide hands-on experience to students and manage several sub-missions and projects.

  1. CHESS mission involves launching two CubeSats to analyze the earth's exosphere.
  2. Primary goal is to design the CubeSat platform while offering hands-on experience.
  3. Sub-missions, such as Bunny and Twocan, test various mission components.
  4. Cansat project allows Bachelor students to design and build soda can-sized satellites.

The story behind our association

Logo of the EPFL Spacecraft Team

As part of our Twocan mission, we plan to launch our second device into space in the third quarter of 2024. The objective of this mission is to carry out in-orbit testing of our OBC (On-Board Computer).

Logo of the EPFL Spacecraft Team

Bunny, our on board computer was deployed from Vandenberg (California) and began its orbiting journey. This is a significant milestone for our association as it represents our first launch in space. Bunny is now hovering our heads at a speed of over 7,6 km/second.

Logo of the EPFL Spacecraft Team

The EPFL Spacecraft Team was founded in 2019 by a group of student-engineers seeking to apply their theoretical skills to an interdisciplinary project. Driven by a passion for space, the ambitious objective was to construct and design two CubeSats entirely from scratch.

Our Values

Our student association is guided by six core values that shape our mission and drive our commitment to making a positive impact.


Educational Opportunities

Fostering lifelong learning, our association empowers members through access to resources and educational opportunities.


Research & Innovation

We champion research and innovation, encouraging creative thinking and contributing to societal advancements.


Diversity & Inclusion

Valuing diversity, we foster an inclusive environment ensuring equal opportunities and a sense of belonging.


Collaboration & Teamwork

Promoting collaboration, we create a cooperative atmosphere for shared ideas and partnerships to achieve common goals.


Skill Development

Our association enhances members' technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills through hands-on experiences and mentorship.


Community Building

We nurture a supportive community, empowering members to form lasting relationships.


We call EPFL home. Drop by our office - we'd love to show you around!