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Would you dare to launch a satellite in space ?

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Our Mission

At the EPFL Spacecraft Team, we want to stimulate the Swiss space ecosystem while training students to work on real complex projects.

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Logo of the EPFL Spacecraft Team

Our approach

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Our current mission, CHESS, aims to send two nano-satellites (CubeSat) into Earth orbit. The twin satellites will carry out multiple scientific experiments and technology demonstrations. Our other ongoing mission, CanSat, aims to train and prepare tomorrow's engineers to send small, can-sized satellites into the air.

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A team of engineers and students coming together to build something that helps us understand the world better is of immense importance. This collaborative effort harnesses the diverse skills and perspectives of individuals, leading to innovative solutions and advancements in our understanding of the world.

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Our two main objectives are :
- To train the next generation of space engineering students to carry out innovative space projects.

- To bring academia and industry together around common projects to have an impact on the space ecosystem and scientific research.

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Our team

Having valuable partners in a team is crucial to its success. These individuals bring unique expertise and support, contributing to the team's growth and ability to achieve its goals. A team with strong partnerships is better equipped to overcome challenges and reach new heights.